Bucho no Piko, lit. “My Pico”) is a Japanese original video animation (OVA) hentai series produced by Natural High. It was predominantly marketed to male audiences and called “the world’s first shotacon anime.” Three episodes make up the series, and one episode has been edited for the purposes of this series, and a one-shot manga, computer game, and music video album have developed from it.

An English-language video called “Don’t watch an Anime Called Boku” was posted on YouTube in 2010 and gave the series a niche following in the English-speaking world. Watchers in the video can be heard comparing his experience of watching the three episodes to trading on his soul with Lucifer. The Internet meme has since evolved into a copypasta as well.You may have to put up with my arrogance for a moment, so don’t worry too much about it.
I have to share with you where I come from when discussing boku no pico. In layman’s terms. However forgiving God might be, no amount of forgiveness would be able to compensate the movie-makers, the idiots who enjoy recommending this show to those who have no idea of what they are doing, and the idiots who actually watch boku no pico… to the end.

Yeah, I was one of those idiots. It’s going to be hell for all of us

The fact that people were always mentioning it but never going into detail made me think that it was popular. Then I decided to watch the “show” on the date they suggested to me. I found it very disturbing and uncomfortable.

I’m not gonna make jokes and be like, “I HAD TO BATH IN BLEACH AND THROW SALT OVER MY SHOULDER TO WARD OFF BAD SPIRITS AND, AND ,AND “ Nah rather imma tell you there’s nothing wrong to have a weird fetish or two and in the case of anime maybe three or four. Yes, if its lolis (no, not really). What about tentacles? Go for it. Are you a harem lover? Isn’t everyone? Is that right?
My personal opinion is that boku no pico steps over a line that really shouldn’t be crossed. In only three (or four? Maybe? After the third episode I got nauseous) episodes, there are just too many taboo like aspects that shouldn’t be encouraged. I have no way of expressing how wrong that is (for me, my opinion) just because it is kids.

Finally, though.

You decide what you think, what you prefer and how you feel. No matter what I think, it means nothing. On the other hand, I think it would be better to let shows like Boku no Pico die. Too much is really too much.