In terms of bromances in anime, Gon and Killua are among the most endearing, but their relationship isn’t perfect.

Anime is a world full of bromances. Bam and Khun remind viewers just how special a childhood friendship can be, as do Eren and Armin, Gon and Killua, and new entries to the world of anime. Although legendary bromances like these don’t last forever, they still have ups and downs.

One of the best bromances in anime history can be found in Hunter X Hunter, but the relationship between Gon and Killua is far from perfect. In many occasions, Gon and Killua acted in self-interest, damaging their relationship. Gon and Killua have each done the ten worst things to each other on the following list.

Killua Compared Gon To Hisoka By Drawing A Power Scale In The Sand

Hunter X Hunter is best known for Hisoka. His Nen abilities and captivating character design have made him one of the most loved anime characters despite being creepy.
Hisoka also caught the eye of Gon at one point due to the way he taunted the young green-haired protagonist when they were preparing for the Hunter Exam. A power scale Killua uses to illustrate the absurdity of Gon’s revenge plan makes his friend feel powerless as he tries to explain it. Hisoka was already infuriated by Killua, so he had to come up with some other way of explaining the gap between them.

Killua Left Gon After The Hunter Exam

As they took the Hunter Exam together, Gon and Killua began a relationship. The two soon realized they shared a lot of interests in common and quickly became friends despite the fact that they were there for different reasons.
In spite of this, Killua left without even telling Gon where he was going when he failed the exam due to his brother’s interference. Thus, Gon’s life was at risk for the sake of getting back together with his friend, leading to him sneaking into the Zoldyck estate. Killua should have expected Gon to chase him after passing the Hunter Exam after watching him break through a literal wall with his friends. A silver-haired kid could have easily become the next casualty just by putting his friend in harm’s way.

Gon Monopolized Self-Sacrifice

Killua uses the opportunity presented to him by being imprisoned by the Phantom Troupe in the Yorknew City Arc to fight against the programming his brother Illumi placed within him as a child. Illumi and Silva Zoldyck forced Killua to run away from combat that he didn’t have a guarantee of winning in order to keep Killua safe.
As a fighter, Killua recognized that he must be willing to sacrifice himself sometimes in order to improve and protect his friends. Although Gorn does not permit Killua to fight, he insists that only he is capable of laying down his life for others. Fans may miss this moment if they have not grown accustomed to Gon’s habitually selfish behavior, but once they do, it is difficult to forget.

Killua Left Gon Alone To Learn Hatsu

Gon and Killua must learn how to specialize their nen with Hatsu before entering Greed Island and beginning their Isekai arc. Killua is the one refusing to give his friend any hints as to what Hatsu is and how to find it, even though he seems to have a decent understanding of the matter.
It was possible that Killua believed that his silence would motivate Gon, but when the enhancer was forced to reach out to Wing for advice, it was revealed that Killua was only hurting his friend. Gon might not have been able to enter the Greed Island game if he had not reached out to his former teacher for advice. It was a bit rude of Killua to withhold information since the entire purpose of entering the game was finding Gon’s father.

Gon Used Killua As A Filter

Gon selfishly hoards character qualities, expecting Killua to accept a secondary role while hoarding them for himself. In this quote, he is a prime example of selfishly hoarding character traits.

I can totally understand why Gon pushed Killua away. Killua is the only one who can stop him, out of pure affection from both parts, and Killua’s first impulse is to sacrifice himself. He will jump in, and he could’ve died or seriously injured there.— bea ☆ cw toh (@bzzykrueger) August 24, 2021

There is no reason for Gon to constantly remind Killua that he is only a secondary character in Hunter X Hunter even though he is the protagonist. On more than one occasion, Killua serves as a stronger protagonist than Gon with respect to manipulating plot elements. Gon should be willing to tidy up Killua’s mess if Killua is expected to stay around and keep cleaning up his messes.

They Both Casually Abuse Each Other Verbally & Physically

In the Hunter X Hunter series, Killua and Gon sometimes take jabs at each other because they are both kids, but it is very close to the line of physical and verbal abuse. Killua, for example, puts his foot on Gon’s cast when he breaks his arm in the Heavens Arena Arc before heading to watch Hisoka and Kastro’s fight.
Killua knows full well of Gon’s obsession with Hisoka, but despite knowing his friend is not able to watch the fight, he leaves him behind and leaves. Despite that this moment may appear funny in the grand scheme of things, it is still a terribly bad way to treat a friend who just sustained an injury.

Gon Destroyed Killua’s Hands During Dodgeball

Killua and Gon’s childish behavior is largely responsible for much of their abuse. In other words, even when they hurt each other, they rarely intend to.
When Killua loses all of her fingers because of Gon’s powerful dodgeball strike in Greed Island, this is not true. Despite going into harm’s way to gain the victory, Gon must rely on the new Hatsu technique in order to prevail. As Gon reveals to Killua later, he was well aware that his attack would hurt her. Killua didn’t even ask the green-haired protagonist if breaking every bone in his hands was okay, so it was completely uncalled for.

Do uk how strong Leorio must be to cooperate with the man who put Gon and Killua’s lives at risk for a damn mission. Even though he blames himself the most, he can’t help but hold Morel and Knov accountable for what happened with Gon.— HxH Stan Kay Ψ (@Junpeisreturn) August 20, 2021

Gon Yelled At Killua For Not Caring About Kite

The idea that people will never be able to change appears to be what Gor believes. Killua’s ability to control his emotions and stick to their plan when entering Chimera Ant territory demonstrates this when Gon assumes that Killua won’t care about losing Kite just because he stayed calm during the encounter.
Although Killua began the Hunter X Hunter series with an attitude that made anyone think he is emotionless, Killua gradually developed an emotional attachment by the end of the series. Throughout the Chimera Ant Arc, Gon shows a close emotional bond to both Gon and Kite, but he still believes his friend does not comprehend the emotional loss of losing them.

Killua Stalked Gon On His Date With Palm

As a result of his nen being blocked, Gon is forced to live a relatively normal life in the Chimera Ant Arc. Gon goes on a date with Palm in one of the episodes in which he is powerless.

cant stop thinking about how the scene cut from killua’s thoughts of gon standing in light and brightness to killua being held in a dark and miserable room and how after days of being tortured and abused , his memories about gon were what kept him going— 🔆🌙 (@wlwsasuke) August 19, 2021

In Hunter X Hunter, Palm is one of the most terrifying characters thanks to his design that takes inspiration from The Ring. Gon has no way of protecting himself from Palm if the date goes awry, so many have assumed that Killua was merely protecting his friend by stalking the date. Killua still seemed untrusting of his best friend’s responses, and even threatened his friend’s life by following them around while they were out.

They Decided To Leave Each Other Indefinitely

Hunting anime has two main characters who rarely leave each other for longer than a week at a time. Throughout the series, it is clearly evident that they provide each other with balance. Together, they inspire each other to become stronger Nen users by motivating each other to train.
In leaving so many loose ends in their relationship, they prove that their friendship was not as close as many fans believe. Hopefully fans will get to see Gon and Killua back together when the series returns.