When it comes to putting your music online today, there are countless options to choose from. The questions are just as numerous. Do you think digital streaming is more important or traditional radio? Are there any online radio stations? Do any of them count toward charts, and which are dying out? How about the ones that give you the best bang for your buck? 

These questions can all be answered simply. A good place to start is web radio if you have no idea where to go. There are distinct advantages to internet radio airplay for newer artists, particularly those looking for success. It’s a hybrid platform that combines the features of all the different music playlisting platforms. Radio promoter on the Internet account for almost 80% of music listening hours, with 70% of those hours coming from mobile platforms. The majority of an artist’s potential audience is listening to their favorite music via this platform. This concept is especially handy for artists living in rural areas or in small towns who may not be able to reach an audience as large as they could with traditional radio.  


Almost anywhere in the world can access Internet radio stations. You can reach your audience wherever they are, and you can also get consistent playbacks from them even if they’re on the move. 

Targeting audiences 

With internet radio, an artist can be placed on the same radio stations as mainstream artists whose music is similar, allowing their music to reach the right audience. After knowing your audience well, you can even target them with specific demographics. 


You get valuable information about your music’s audience with internet radio, because metrics are so important to brands. When your music is played, you will get detailed information on the audience demographics, how your music is rated, and which songs have the most potential for growth almost instantly. Your music can also be ranked geographically based on how well it does. 

Sound Quality Improvements

Music can be heard in a way that is closer to how it was meant to be heard by listening to Internet radio than to regular radio. As your audience will not be hampered by faulty radio towers or other environmental factors, the sound quality they hear when seeking out your music will always be consistent. 


In addition, some Internet radio channels also reward artists for doing well on their stations with points. Synchronization licensing (this allows musical artists to sell their songs to visual media outlets for use in their projects, such as television and movies) and label contract submission are two options available to musicians. 

Fewer Advertisements

Because artists try to avoid commercials, they lose less audience members from the station where their songs are played. Often, listeners can avoid them altogether by upgrading to internet radio, where there are fewer and fewer of them. Your audience will engage with you more frequently and for a longer period of time if your user experience is smoother than that on other outlets.