Women jumps from the burning train

During the process of evacuating hundreds of commuters from a train that caught fire while crossing a bridge.

One passenger in a state of fear attempted to save themselves by jumping out of a window & into a river.

The blaze broke out on the Orange Line of the Metro Boston Transit Authority.

Which runs from Oak Grove, Massachusetts, to the Jamaica Plain district.

The fire broke out at approximately 6:45 in the morning as a train was crossing a bridge that spanned the Mystic River.

Following the loss of power to the third rail, the majority of the train's approximately two hundred passengers were safely removed off the vehicle on foot, according to Steve Poftak, general manager of the MBTA.

However, in order to get out of the smoke-filled cars that were closer to the blaze, several passengers were forced to break windows.

"There was a gentleman desperately attempting to open the emergency exit," the speaker continued.

Jennifer Thomson-Sullivan told the Boston Globe that she tried to open the door, but it would not budge. 

"From that moment on, people began hurling themselves out the window," said the narrator.

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