Woman dies after falling out of police car while in custody

According to the police, a woman in Georgia who had been taken into custody.

But had nevertheless managed to fall out of a police patrol car as authorities were transporting her to the sheriff's office passed away as a result of her injuries. 

According to a statement that was made public by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

The incident took place on July 15 & Brianna Marie Grier, age 28, from Sparta, Georgia. 

Was arrested by deputies from the Hancock County Sheriff's Office after they were called to her home on Hickory Grove Church Road. 

The statement was made in response to the fact that they had been called to her residence.

According to the statement released by the GBI, the arrest of Griffin took place at the residence. 

Grier suffered serious injuries after falling out of a patrol cruiser as it was being driven to the Hancock County Sheriff's Office by the deputies. 

It is not known whether or not Grier was shackled while she was riding in the vehicle, how fast the car was driving at the time.

How exactly she was able to tumble out of the automobile as it was on its way to the sheriff's office. 

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