When a pet dies, don't say these words

Pet loss is tragic. Many of us adore our dogs like family members. 

Pets can help us cope with stress, despair, & loneliness. Pet owners are healthier & happier than most people. 

Touching them calms & soothes. According to "Evolution & Human Behavior," this type of relationship is often more gratifying than human interaction. 

When their pet dies, many owners feel shame, emptiness, anxiety, melancholy, lousy sleep, & social isolation. 

Some develop eating problems or self-harm behaviours, & one-third deal with acute bereavement, according to Journal of Veterinary Medical Science studies. 

Their pals, especially those who've never had a pet, may be critical instead than supportive. 

Pet loss can be as devastating as losing a family member. When a pet dies unexpectedly or is euthanized, it's considerably more upsetting. 

Their human parents may feel terrible, wondering whether they could have saved their pet. As a friend, weigh your words before speaking. 

People who want to help pet-loss grievers sometimes say unpleasant things. "He was just a dog," "You can always acquire another pet," "It's not like you lost a child," etc. 

Other improper comments include "Your pet is in a better place" & "Time heals all hurts." Pets aren't replaceable. 

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