Coffee Grounds Uses you don't know

Coffee has several benefits. Coffee grounds are also beneficial. Don't throw away coffee grinds after your morning brew. They can help your garden & beauty regimen.

Keep coffee grounds

Twice a month, give your scalp a good clean to remove product buildup. Work boiled coffee grinds into your scalp for 60 seconds, then rinse & apply shampoo & conditioner.

Hair growth & shine

Coffee grinds absorb odours from damaged or too aromatic meals. The nitrogen in coffee grounds neutralises odours, according to a research.

Refrigerator deodorizer

When gardening, use coffee grinds instead of commercial fertiliser. "Spent" coffee grounds & burnt spent coffee grounds collect heavy metals that contaminate soil & water,

Plant fertilizer

Brunettes, coffee grounds can boost hair colour without harsh chemicals. Mix cooled coffee grounds with conditioner & apply to freshly shampooed hair. Rinse with cool water to seal. 

Natural dye

Coffee grounds' grit can be used as a DIY cleaning scrub. Due of their antibacterial characteristics, they're great for homemade soap. Fried loves making soap with fresh grounds.


Coffee grounds' gritiness makes them a good lip exfoliator. Mix a half-teaspoon of discarded coffee grounds with a half-teaspoon of honey to treat chapped lips. Rub mixture on lips.

Lips soften

Spraying & inhaling multiple scents to find the perfect scent might cause nasal tiredness. Conventional wisdom says coffee can cleanse your olfactory pallet.

Perfumes? Smell better

Under-eye dark circles & puffiness are a common beauty problem. Apply cold coffee grounds beneath your eyes for 10 minutes, then rinse. A caffeine-based gel reduced under-eye.

Reduce puffy eyes

Caffeic acid, an antioxidant in coffee, may improve collagen levels and prevent cell ageing, according to a study. Jennifer Phillips' DIY Chocolate Coffee Mask contain coffee.


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