Three dead in 24 hours after Spanish bull runs

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Spanish bullfighting has resulted in the deaths of three people in the past day.

In the past twenty-four hours, three individuals have passed away as a result of injuries sustained at bull-running events in eastern Spain. 

They had all participated in the annual bous al carrer (bull-running) event that takes place in the Valencia region. 

During this event, bulls charge through the towns, & people typically sprint ahead of them.

Animal rights organisations have, for a long time, voiced concerns regarding the risks posed to both humans & animals.

They report that throughout the course of the last eight years, twenty people have lost their lives in this region.

The three males who passed away had all suffered serious wounds as a result of incidents that occurred over the previous two weeks.

In one of the cases, which took place in Picassent, which is located to the south of the city of Valencia.

A guy who was 56 years old & had been standing behind a block in the middle of the roadway was thrown into the air by the bull & sustained a traumatic brain damage.

It had been nine days since the incident when he passed away on Tuesday in a hospital in Valencia.

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