Teenager's Family Forced to Ban Him for Visiting Mom's Grave or Celebrating a Birthday

A family has come under fire online for forbidding a teenager from going to their mother's grave and from celebrating their birthday. 

Teenager submitted their experience on Reddit's well-known thread in order to receive feedback from the "AITA" community. 

The popular post has gotten over 8,000 upvotes & 900 comments since it was initially posted. 

The Reddit user's opening paragraph in their post detailed how their mother died while giving birth to them.

The family spent their birthdays lamenting her passing throughout their entire childhood.

"Under any circumstances, it was forbidden to acknowledge or talk about my birthday, & I was never given anything in return. 

Every time I grieved about missing her, my dad would tell me that I had never met her & that I didn't deserve to miss her, the original poster (OP) stated.

This saddened me greatly as I grew older & realised that most others had mothers while I didn't. I'm probably the a**hole now because of this.

I turned 18 this year & decided to throw myself a birthday party, which consisted of only a few beers with friends & a trip to the movies.

I tweeted about this on social media, & I immediately received a barrage of messages from my relatives urging me not to celebrate my birthday. 

According to source, the phrase "toxic" describes a person who is making another person feel bad through their words or behaviour.