Surprising Side Effects of Marijuana After Age 60

Mental Health Issues

Compared to non-users, older marijuana users are more prone to experience stress or depression.

Cognitive Disorders

Self-reported mental health issues reflect changes in cognition and perception that are frequently categorised as psychotic symptoms,

Risky Behavior

Compared to elder nonusers, marijuana users aged 50 to 64 were more likely to engage in dangerous behaviours such driving while intoxicated, stealing, and physical aggression.

Drug Interactions

Lowering blood pressure, lessening the effects of antivirals, boosting the calming effects of certain medications, and changing blood sugar levels.

Poor Diet

In contrast to nonusers, marijuana users self-reported eating more alcohol, sodium, cheese, salty snacks, and pork than nonusers did.

The growing legalisation of cannabis across the nation has boosted acceptance of both marijuana's recreational and medical uses.

Some people might assume that marijuana is risk-free given its growing popularity and the widely reported health advantages of using it for medical purposes. But, sadly, it's not the case. 

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