Subway Announced Massive Menu Changes

Subway started to lose its position as the biggest fast-food business in 2013 due to a tidal wave of drama and dwindling sales, and it has since appeared to be struggling to reinvent itself.

It looks that the sandwich juggernaut is making efforts to reclaim its top spot. To that end, Subway revealed this week that as part of its ongoing "Eat Fresh Refresh" campaign, it will entirely revamp its menu.

All 21,000 Subway locations in the US will now have a brand-new menu board to welcome customers.

The four sections of the new "Subway Series" menu are Cheesesteaks, Italianos, Chicken, and Clubs. Three sandwiches per category are available for ordering by name or number.

Although customers can still add or remove ingredients from their purchases, the new menu is designed to make shopping in the store more efficient.

The debut represents a significant change from Subway meals' typical "build your own" tenet. It is referred to by the firm as "a whole new way to Subway."

The largest menu update in the company's history occurred last summer when Subway introduced its Eat Fresh Refresh overhaul.

Two new bread formulations, better proteins, fresher toppings, and four new sandwiches—the Turkey Cali Fresh, Steak Cali Fresh, Subway Club, and All-American Club—were all part of the initial release.

Participating Subway locations will distribute up to one million free sandwiches on July 12 to commemorate the company's recent launch.

A free 6-inch Subway Series sandwich of the customer's choice is available between 10 a.m. and noon.

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