Secrets Starbucks Employees Wish You Knew

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Stop asking for your milk to be a certain temperature.

However, the truth is that for quality and safety reasons—think of burnt milk—whoever is making your coffee can't actually go above a specific temperature.

Frappuccinos are blended using premade bases.

Two readymade bases—one based on coffee and the other on milk—were used to make frappes.

Be nice if you want your food heated.

Employees take advantage of this during lunch breaks, but they dislike it when a customer is aware of the possibility.

The whipped cream is even more unhealthy than you probably think.

Starbucks' whipped cream has additional ingredients besides cream. Also included is vanilla syrup, which makes it even sweeter.

The Medicine Ball won't cure anything.

We were reportedly informed by a seasoned barista that not only would Starbucks' Medicine Ball—which Starbucks

Don't expect employees to know secret menu items. 

Ten-year Starbucks employee Spring Mooney informed us that all the beverages on the hidden menu are a surprise to them as well.

Employees don't care about getting your name right.

Management is aware that misspelt names immediately appear on users' social media feeds, thus serving as free advertising for Starbucks.

Employees don't expect a tip.

The majority of the personnel didn't think tipping was necessary while purchasing a $4 coffee and wouldn't do it themselves.

If you have a complicated order, you might be shamed.

You should anticipate being called out if you submit a really complex order request.

Batch blending is a thing. 

If you notice your baristas batch blending drinks, particularly Frappuccinos, don't be shocked.

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