Sandwich Chains With Most Food Quality Complaints


It seems like there are always complaints at Subway, whether they come from irate customers upset that their favourite dish, strange chicken, has been discontinued.


Arby's is highly known for both its roast beef and the satisfaction its patrons have with the calibre of its fare.


Over the course of 15 years, Quizno's has seen 94 percent of its restaurants close, and those startling statistics are accurate.


Speaking of sandwich chains that customers are leaving, Cos is going down like the Titanic.


Sadly, one of the first sandwich chains, Blimpie, has been on a long and tortuous downward spiral, going from 2,000 outlets to merely 300. Additionally, there has been a sharp drop in sales.

Au Bon Pain

Another endangered fast-food breed, Au Bon Pain, has seen its availability decline as the all-American mall food court has vanished.


Portillo's may be a local favourite in Chicago when it comes to hot dogs, but the sandwich company also has its share of haters.

Of course, quality is the most important factor. Simply put, it pays off in spades when a restaurant is prepared to spend the time, effort, and money necessary to prioritise high-quality ingredients.

On the other hand, many chains that specialise in sandwiches are unwilling to manage their own farms. Customers have taken notice of the several brands that are well-known for economising and taking short cuts.

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