Pelosi's Taiwan trip 'not a good idea,' says Biden.

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President Biden said Wednesday that U.S. military experts think House Speaker Nancy Pelosi shouldn't visit Taiwan.

Biden's comments come a day after the Chinese Foreign Ministry threatened "resolute & powerful measures" if Pelosi visited Taiwan in the coming weeks.

The military believes it's a bad idea right now "Biden said about Pelosi's trip. "But I don't know" President Trump didn't advise Pelosi skip Taiwan.

Pelosi's April visit was postponed after she tested positive for COVID-19. She would be the highest-ranking U.S. legislator to visit the close ally since Republican Newt Gingrich 25 years ago. 

According to the Financial Times, Pelosi plans to visit Taipei next month. 

Her office declined to comment, citing existing security rules. 

A visit would "severely undermine China's sovereignty & territorial integrity, terribly harm China-U.S. ties.

Send a very erroneous signal to Taiwan independence forces," said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Zhao Lijiang."

The U.S. acknowledges Beijing as China's government but maintains informal & defence ties with Taipei. 

China has stepped up military provocations against democratic Taiwan in recent years to terrify it into unifying with the communist mainland. 

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