One of McDonald's Biggest Operators Pulls Out of the Business

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America's top fast-food company is cutting ties with one of its most illustrious operators after announcing significant changes to its franchisee policies.

According to Restaurant Business, McDonald's is acquiring the 60 restaurants owned by the Florida-based Caspers Company in the Tampa and Jacksonville areas.

The chain has not stated what it intends to do with the acquired outlets or whether store closures are anticipated.

Being one of the oldest operators in the McDonald's system since 1958, the Casper family launched its first McDonald's outlet when the firm had less than 100 restaurants nationally.

Additionally, based on sales, customer count, and cash flows, Caspers stores are among the most successful ones in the area, according to a message from Jason Clark, vice president of the Atlanta Field Office.

The National Owners Association, the country's first McDonald's franchisee association, was established in 2018 thanks to Caspers Company.

It hasn't helped McDonald's strained relationship with long-term operators that it recently updated its franchise system with regulatory changes that seem geared to keep operators on their toes.

An internal memo from the Chicago-based burger juggernaut described a new procedure it expects to use to screen franchisees who want to extend their 20-year franchise agreements. The company has around 13,000 franchise operators across the United States.

Franchisees, including ones in generally good standing, will need to go through a brand-new application procedure regardless of how long they've been in operation.

As new candidates, children or wives of current operators who apply to become operators themselves will be assessed equally with other applicants.

The business has been on a buy-out binge in an effort to broaden its network of operators. In fact, 400 franchisees, or 13% of the company's total franchisee-owned stores, left the system last year, setting a record.

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