Lake Tahoe's Best Outdoors

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Lake Tahoe may be the Sierras' crown jewel. Lake Tahoe has many hidden jewels & outdoor activities that make it a year-round destination for nature lovers. 

Tahoe's great array of views & activities makes it special, not just the lake. 

Today we're climbing mountains, plunging into lakes, & going into the desert to enjoy the great outdoors. 

There's no bad time to go outside in Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe is 200 miles northeast of San Francisco, 115 miles east of Sacramento, & 40 miles southwest of Reno, Nevada.

 While Reno has "big city amenities," the Tahoe Basin has more wide-open spaces where you may escape the big-box strip malls & enjoy Mother Nature's tranquillity. 

Tahoe is the U.S.'s second-deepest lake (behind Oregon's Crater Lake) & North America's largest alpine lake. 

Tahoe's 72 miles of beachfront & pristine water are a beachgoer's dream. 

Tahoe is rich in public lands since it spans two states and contains 75% of its watershed in national forest holdings. 

Olympic Valley has the region's best ski slopes. Olympic Valley and Palisades Tahoe are popular summer bases for Tahoe North. 

Free guided hikes are available daily in the summer on three trails, including the beautiful Shirley Canyon Trail. 

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