McDonald's Eliminating Dollar Drink Deal

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McDonald's Dollar Menu has undergone a lot of changes over the years—some less welcome than others. In 2015, the menu switched from everything only being a dollar to including a range of other value-driven prices. 

The menu was then given another makeover in 2018. The current Dollar Menu uses a tiered system with goods priced at $1, $2, and $3 as well as regionally specific local promos.

In the meantime, rising inflation expenses have started to have an effect on almost every industry, and the Dollar Drinks on the McDonald's Dollar Menu may be the latest casualty.

People are unhappy over the decision by many restaurants to covertly remove soda and other cold beverages from the Dollar Menu, drastically reducing the selection of items that can still be purchased at the fast-food institution for one dollar.

According to reports, McDonald's restaurants in 16 of its 56 U.S. areas have decided to stop selling dollar drinks and start advertising value meals in their place.

Some franchise owners have even chosen to completely forgo the campaign in favour of merely increasing drink prices.

Although McDonald's has advised that all restaurants keep the drink bargain on the menu, franchise owners are ultimately in charge of deciding which promotions to offer at each site.

According to a statement from McDonald's, franchisees have the freedom to determine their own rates and design promotions that would boost local demand.

There are other factors at work as well, besides the current inflation situation. In recent years, the corporation has included price rises into its overall strategy.

According to comments made by CFO Kevin Ozan during an earnings call in April, McDonald's recently increased its U.S. pricing by about 8% compared to a year ago. The chain increased prices by 6% the year prior.

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