Manchin opposes climate change legislation

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President Biden said he will continue his own efforts to battle climate change and cut greenhouse gas emissions, a day after Sen. 

Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., declared he won't support the reconciliation bill's climate provisions. 

Manchin's statements could collapse months of negotiations in Washington over the huge policy package & ruin prospects of Congress adopting big climate change legislation this summer. 

"If the Senate won't act to handle the climate catastrophe & strengthen our domestic clean energy economy, I will," Biden added. 

The president did not name particular climate & clean energy initiatives, but said his actions will create employment, increase energy security, & strengthen local manufacturing & supply chains. 

The chance to create jobs & develop a sustainable energy future is too vital, the president added. 

Biden pushed Congress to pass other parts of the deal he supports. 

Manchin, from coal-rich West Virginia, has resisted several Democratic climate change policies. 

Due to the 50-50 Senate vote divide, Democrats cannot pass the domestic policy plan without Manchin's support. 

The bill would allocate billions of dollars in incentives to cut emissions.

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