Major Theme Park Could Close Sooner

A Cedar Fair theme park may close before its lease expires. Theme parks rarely close permanently, except in cases like Hurricane Katrina in 2005. 

Six Flags Louisiana never reopened & will be demolished soon.

A theme park may close, reopen in a different city & county, & reinvent itself.

Marine World/Africa USA opened in Redwood City, Calif., in 1968 & was originally owned by a local businessman & American Broadcasting Corp.

Later, Resorts International sold the land to Campeau Corp. for an office & hotel project that would include Oracle's new headquarters.

Marine World moved its animals & attractions to Vallejo in 1985. Marine World closed in Redwood City in 1985 & reopened in Vallejo in 1986.

The non-profit Marine World Foundation defaulted on city debt. The city bought the park in 1996, hired Premier Parks to manage it, & added rides. 

Vallejo sold the park to SIX in 1998. The park's ownership rollercoaster ended with Six Flags in 2007.

Another San Francisco Bay Area theme park is closing. Get Cedar Fair L.P., which owns California's Great America in Santa Clara. 

Sold the land beneath the theme park to Prologis for $310 million on June 27. The sale includes a lease that allows Cedar Fair to operate Great America for 11 years & close it in 2033.

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