Jewelry stolen from California

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Millions in jewellery stolen from California rest stop security truckThieves broke.

Into an unattended security vehicle returning from a jewellery show in California, police said. 

The robbery happened last week in a remote California rest stop, after the vehicle's two armed guards left. 

The Brinks tractor-trailer was travelling overnight from a jewellery show in San Francisco to Los Angeles.

Michael Mileski, a Los Angeles sheriff's sergeant, said it was unclear if the suspects followed the vehicle along its 375-mile (604-km) journey or stumbled across it at a rest stop.

Guards noticed the trailer's lock had been tampered with at 2am on 11 July, Mileski said. 

Unknown how long the guards left the vehicle unattended at the Flying J gas station & truck stop in Lebec, 121 km north of downtown Los Angeles. 

Director Brandy Swanson said the merchandise was loaded late on 10 July after an International Gem & Jewelry Show in San Mateo, south of San Francisco. 

She said it was going to Pasadena, north of Los Angeles. Swanson said 18 victims lost more than $100m, but Brinks said the items were worth less than $10m.

The total value of the missing items is less than $10m, Brinks said. "We're working with law enforcement & will fully reimburse customers for stolen assets, per contract." 

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