Grocery Store Staple Chickpea Shortage

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One more grocery store staple is joining the long list of items that are in short supply these days. Chickpeas, the main ingredient in hummus, are facing a shortage on a global scale.

The supply, which has been primarily affected by bad weather and war, may soon witness a 20% decline in its availability.

Despite the fact that the Middle East and India are well known for eating plant protein, the United States is the fourth-largest supplier of the substance globally.

The U.S. has been impeded by dry weather and has consequently switched to planting more profitable and less labor-intensive crops, even if that fact should ring as a plus for keeping grocery store shelves supplied.

The United States is currently anticipating a little over 10% lower harvest as of June 1 than the previous year due to shortages from past seasons combined.

Additionally, purchasers from other nations are attempting to stockpile for themselves what little supply of chickpeas we do have, according to the news agency.

The Ukraine/Russian crisis has contributed to a number of problems in the worldwide supply chain, including those involving chickpeas, in addition to the weather.

The war prevented Ukraine from planting its crops, which removed 50,000 tonnes from the world supply chain at a time when stocks were already low.

Additionally, since the crop isn't doing well this year, grab an additional 25% of the chickpea trade from Russia.

There are already shortages of several groceries on the shelves. The unfavourable weather in New Zealand has resulted in less fruits, and the lack of Sriracha hot sauce has Sriracha enthusiasts fuming.

Both coffee and wine are in short supply for consumers, with the former due to shrinking acreage and unfavourable weather and the latter to a lack of bottles.

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