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Salmonella was discovered at the end of June in 23 of 75 samples obtained from goods from significant grocery stores. The findings are being used to support the need for tighter control.

In the investigation, chicken from various U.S. supermarket retailers, including Walmart, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, and Purdue, was examined.

No particular brand stood out as being more or less contaminated, and there was no statistically significant difference between birds raised organically or conventionally, according to the analysis.

All the positive samples collected showed that bacteria strains were resistant to multiple antibiotics and drugs used to prevent illnesses. 

Consumer Reports examined multiple samples of beef, hog, and turkey in addition to the chicken from the grocery store.

One of the ground beef samples tested positive for a dangerous E. coli strain that may seriously harm the kidneys.

Since chicken is made up of flesh from several different animals, the analysis discovered that bacteria are more prevalent in chicken than in ground meat.

This also means that, compared to complete portions of meat like chicken breast or even steak, it may be more difficult to kill it during the cooking process.

According to the inquiry, there are "worrisome gaps" in the manner that meat was being processed in the United States, and there was an obvious need for increased protection against Salmonella.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people get sick from the dangerous salmonella that is far too prevalent in poultry.

Consumer Reports suggests that the USDA increase its efforts to combat Salmonella by concentrating on eradicating the specific strains that pose the most risk to human health.

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