Grizzly bear killed a California lady in a "predatory attack",

Montana, last summer, wildlife officials said. 

Officials who shot the bear days later believed food in & around the victim's tent contributed to the attack.

DavisLeah Lokan, 65, & her sister came at Ovando by bicycle on 5 July 2021. Lokan camped behind a museum with Kim & Joe Cole, whom he met on the multi-day ride.

The Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee reported a bear exploring the area around 3.08am on 6 July 2021.

Lokan woke the Coles by yelling "Bear, bear." Two made noise outside their tent.

Joe Cole carried but didn't use bear spray. Lokan transported food from her tent to a nearby structure when a bear huffed at her head.

Lokan refused to stay in a hotel when asked by the Coles. Lokan used bear spray & everyone went to bed.

Joe Cole woke up at 4:05am when a bear attacked Lokan. Cole stepped out of his tent shouting "Bear, bear" & used bear spray.

Cole whistled. "The bear established eye contact with Joe, then averted its head when they moved closer, turned, & fled," the report added.

"The back of the tent was still standing, but when they approached, they could see that Ms. Lokan and the tent had been carried 8 to 10 feet by the bear" & she appeared dead.

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