Finally, some positive robocall newsRobocalls stink.

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Robocalls stink. They cost us money & time, & are so widespread that most Americans don't answer unknown calls.

Everyone knows they're a problem, but nobody can do anything. Possibly. 

The FCC ordered phone companies to ban call traffic it believes is part of an auto warranty robocall operation responsible for 8 billion illegal calls since 2018.

FCC chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel: "Billions of car warranty robocalls from a single campaign."

Billions!” The FCC has tried for years to restrict or reduce illegal robocalls, yet their quantity and consumers' anger have increased. 

These efforts appear to be paying off. The FCC is also going after the companies that facilitate robocall campaigns. 

"We won't tolerate robocall scammers or those who enable them.

Rosenworcel said consumers are impatient, & she agrees. The FCC said eight firms' systems originated the calls. 

Scammers used these service providers to access our phones.

The FCC is not just pursuing the robocall campaign, but also the phone companies that made all of those calls. 

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