Europe's heatwave sets records

Much of western Europe is wilting under a blazing sun, fueling flames & threatening to break new temperature records on Tuesday. 

In Britain, analysts say the current national record of 38.7C (102F) could be exceeded & 40C breached for the first time. 

Experts blame climate change and foresee more regular extreme weather. 

Monday was the hottest day of the year & the third-hottest day on record in Suffolk, England. 

Across the Channel in France, towns & cities reported their highest-ever temperatures on Monday. 

Brest on Brittany's Atlantic coast touched 39.3C, breaking a 2002 high of 35.1C.

Saint-Brieuc, on the Channel coast, hit 39.5C, topping a previous record of 38.1C, and Nantes hit 42C, smashing a 1949 high of 40.3C. 

Firefighters in France's southwest were still battling two major blazes that caused considerable damage.

Armies of firemen & a fleet of waterbombing planes have been battling blazes for nearly a week.

Dublin, Ireland, hit 33C, the highest since 1887, & Westdorpe, Netherlands, hit 35.4C.

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