Carpenter ant control is easy.

Carpenter ants chew wood indoors & outdoors, hence their name. Unlike termites, they chew through wood & push it out of tunnels, according to Iowa State University Extension & Outreach. 

Carpenter ants prefer damp wood but can damage any. In nature, they help trees decompose, but around the house, they're destructive. 

Their presence may indicate rotten wood from poor drainage or a plumbing leak. 

Carpenter ants are 14 to 12 inch long & dark brown or black, per Maggie's Farm Products. 

Wings are optional. You may also notice damaged wood & fine sawdust. 

Ants nest in wood. If you see carpenter ants, act quickly to prevent further damage. 

Terminix recommends drilling holes 3 feet apart on each side of the affected area to eliminate carpenter ants indoors.

The holes should go through the drywall to access the interior-exterior space.

Avoid wires & plumbing when drilling every 6 inches. Once all holes are drilled, puff boric acid into each. 

Do not seal the holes until you're sure the infestation is gone. Most hardware stores sell cheap boric acid. 

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