Camp McDonald's Disappointing Customers

Camp McDonald's is off to a rocky start this week—and it's all Grimace's fault. 

After an ostensibly successful opening earlier in the week, participants in the virtual camp have been venting on Twitter about hour-long wait times, poorly executed promotions, and, yes, a missing Grimace pool float.

On Tuesday, July 5 as planned, the camp began through the McDonald's app.

Campers were lured with promises of food discounts, limited-edition merchandise, menu hacks, and musical performances from a lineup of well-known pop performers. The event was billed as a "first-of-its-kind...virtual camp experience."

However, it seems as though Camp McDonald's is already dealing with a mutiny after only a few days.

The much-anticipated Grimace Pool Float's release on Day One was a hit and miss: It appears that demand for the pool float was far higher than anticipated, which caused some consumers to wait in line for a number of hours before learning that the merchandise had run out.

There are still three weeks left of Camp McDonalds, two more scheduled merchandise releases, and four in-app musical performances, so it's impossible to predict what additional well-laid plans might fall through.

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