Britain counts hottest day ever

Britain wakes up to aftermath of hottest day ever as firefighters battle flames & engineers fix damaged train rails.

Temperatures exceeded 40C for the first time on Tuesday, causing fires that damaged scores of houses in the capital.

Sent flames racing across tinderbox-dry grassland along railway tracks & highways. 

A fire in Peterborough, England, destroyed signalling equipment, cancelling east coast trains from London until midday Wednesday.

Other fires destroyed trains & wires. Please don't travel to or from London Kings Cross today, LNER said. 

Britain's Met Office claimed a new tentative record temperature of 40.3C (104.5F) was recorded in Coningsby, central England, on Tuesday.

The Met Office predicted a colder Wednesday with rain later.

Britain's government defended its environmental record, praising its move to net zero, but ministers said it will take years to modernise its infrastructure to cope with the heat.

Monday, two airport runways were damaged and closed. 

Heat caused power disruptions, schools closed early, & zoos battled to chill animals.

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