Birth-Control Access Bill Passed by House

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The House has voted to pass the Birth Control Access Bill.On Thursday.

The House of Representatives voted to pass a bill that would protect access to contraception on a federal level.

Democratic lawmakers have expressed concern that the recent ruling by the Supreme Court that ended the constitutional right to an abortion could put other protections at risk.

The law was approved with a vote count of 228 to 195, with eight Republicans voting with the Democrats and two Republicans voting present.

Last piece of legislation follows another piece of legislation that passed this week to safeguard same-sex & interracial marriage.

Approximately forty Republicans joined Democrats in supporting that piece of legislation.

In the midterm elections for the House that will take place in November, the Democrats are considered to be the underdogs, & they have been putting out a series of votes pertaining to privacy rights.

Many Republicans have accused Democrats of playing politics by setting up votes on rights that aren't in danger & crafting bill text that Republican lawmakers can't accept due to concerns about abortion or other issues.

This accusation stems from the fact that Democrats craft bill language that GOP lawmakers can't accept due to concerns about abortion or other issues. 

Should we hold a meeting to discuss the birds & the bees? House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi of California stated on Thursday her response to Republican members of Congress who voted against the contraceptive bill. 

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