Americas Largest Coffee Chain Closes Several Locations Safety Starbucks

Starbucks has always marketed itself as a gathering place for locals. the "third location between work and home" where you can chat with your friends or neighbours while drinking a latte and have superb Wi-Fi.

However, that perception is deteriorating in places where worker and visitor safety appears to be becoming a bigger concern. A significant enough problem, in fact, that the company is being forced to take severe action at a number of cafes.

On July 11, Starbucks made the permanent closure of 16 metropolitan sites, where crime has spiralled out of control, official. Seattle, where it is based, is home to six of them locations.

Six stores in the Los Angeles region, two in Portland, Oregon, one each in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C., are among the other locations that will permanently close. At the end of the month, the stores will close.

A Starbucks representative claimed that theft, assault, and drug usage were all common occurrences in these caf├ęs.

The number of crime-related complaints registered by employees and the chain's unsuccessful attempts to lessen those rates with various methods were the main factors in the decision to close them.

The coffee business announced in June that it is thinking about changing its open-to-all bathroom policy as another step to reduce safety concerns at its stores.

After facing public outcry over the arrests of two customers at a Philadelphia store who were attempting to use the restroom without making a purchase, the company implemented the more inclusive policy in 2018.

The recent chicken sandwich disaster, the ongoing safety crisis, and the rising number of unionised locations have all damaged the company's reputation. However, it appears like Starbucks is starting over and searching for a solution.

The business is attempting to "reinvent" itself, and recent comments made by Schultz indicate that significant changes are imminent. Despite the lack of information, more will be made public in the upcoming weeks.

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