A mysterious bundle of string was discovered on Mars

An image taken by NASA's Perseverance rover shows what seems to be a bundle of string resting on the surface of Mars.

This image is quite unique. On July 12, a photo was taken of the light-colored object by the danger avoidance camera on the front left of the rover.

Some people thought the thing looked like spaghetti.

The space agency's officials have stated that they think the object to be a thread that was left behind after the landing of the Perseverance.

According to a spokesperson the string could be from the rover or its descent stage. 

Which is a component similar to a rocket-powered jet pack used to safely lower the rover to the planet's surface. 

This information was provided by the spokesperson for the mission.

According to the spokeswoman, Perseverance had never been found in the region where the thread was discovered.

So it is most likely that the string was carried there by the wind.

According to a representative for the mission, the rover is currently investigating an ancient delta on Mars known as Jezero Crater. 

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