Republican county clerk is free from arrest warrant

A county clerk in Colorado who was indicted on felony charges of tampering with voting equipment. 

Then lost a bid for the Republican nomination for Colorado's top election-management post had an arrest warrant for her revoked by a judge. 

The judge ruled that the warrant should not be issued. 

Tina Peters was given a break by Mesa County District Judge Matthew Barrett. 

Who explained that the reason for the break was that Tina Peters' attorney accepted responsibility. 

For failing to convey to his client an order that prohibited her from leaving the state without the approval of the court. 

The restriction was imposed on her as a condition of the bail bond that allowed her to be released from jail prior to the start of her trial in March. 

During the 45-minute hearing, however, Barrett warned Peters that should it occur once more, he would not be as lenient as he was this time. 

Peters was flying to Las Vegas this week to speak at a symposium of conservative law enforcement officers. 

Barrett referred to her as a potential runaway. "She has access to private jets and a vast amount of resources." 

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