7 Foods That Are High in Melatonin



Melatonin can be found in abundance in nuts of all varieties. The largest quantities are found in pistachios and almonds.



A glass of milk before night may actually be a good idea because cow's milk provides an additional source of melatonin.


Tart Cherry Juice

One of the best sources of melatonin is tart cherry juice. However, cherry juices are all created equal in terms of melatonin content.



Another excellent source of melatonin and other nutrients, such as magnesium or vitamin B6, that may aid with sleep issues is bananas.


Oily Fish

Fresh fish may not only be beneficial to your health but also to the quality of your sleep. Melatonin is abundant in oily fish, such as salmon, trout, and sardines.



Another item that is abundant in melatonin is eggs, which are also strong in protein and iron, both of which are beneficial to your health.


Goji Berries

If you realise that you are having problems falling asleep, grab some goji berries. The melatonin content of goji berries is the highest of any typical dried fruit.

You might immediately conjure up vitamin supplements that people use to aid in better nighttime sleep when you hear the word "melatonin."

Here are seven foods, from bananas to nuts, that, when added to your diet, can improve your quality of sleep.

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