Hello everybody and welcome to this blog. Today I’m gonna show you how to download for free fast and easily your clip sequence that means part of your video or a full video from twitch right into your PC. Why aren’t I doing that because there were many people claiming to come to our website Bunchnews.com and like asking how do you download clips and so on and so on Twitch? I am not able to do so I took the decision that takes some time and makes this blog so as to explain how you do it. 

So it’s very simple and fast I’m gonna tell you. 

  • So you go to twitch
  • Then you go to the channel of your choice
  • Very easy and simple until now okay 
  • There you go two clips for sure you’re seeing that I’m going for my channel it’s normal. 
  • A bit of advertising is never very bad you know so you click on the clip of your choice.
  • For example, we go for this one and then we click here on the share button at the bottom right of the video.
  • You click on there you see Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, or even copy to clipboard. 
  • Now you take the first one it’s download there. 
  • And then you see disappearing like saving where save as. 
  • I mean that’s something you know so and then the clip is of the best quality on your PC. 

How it is easy?

That was for the clips than for the old videos I’m gonna tell you that, you have to download twitch leecher I’m gonna put the link right under the stream, after I’m finished with this blog there you can download it to Italy trip for free. Very important that you don’t have to spend money on that so we open up the program very easily. You go here on search, there you can search with the channel name with the link or the ID that means the last numbers of your link. We are going for the link it’s the easiest way for that you to go on the video crucial part of the video is of your choice. We click here, for example, you copy the link and put it here, then you click on search and we will wait for just three seconds and there you see as the information of your video the quality and the length. You click on download and there you see the quality of your video this is the maximum search is always and I’m streaming at 720p so that’s true then you put here like the folder that you wanna like to download your videos.

For me it’s mic then downloads for you it’s gonna be different. The file name I tell you to let it like that because if you change for a bit title I had those assumptions that then it’s not working. I don’t know why for me it wasn’t working so light, it like that whatever if you click now download it’s gonna download to the full video. 

So you want just go for a sequence

It means a part of your video and you know which part where it starts and where it ends you just go here like start you go, for example, 2 hours and 10 minutes you can even put the seconds that you want that means, where your part that you want to download is gonna begin and you go for like as for example 3 hours and whatever. We will go just now 2 hours and 50minutes. Let’s say it like 40 minutes of video then you click on download and edit you go here whether you see for example here the 40 minutes and 25 seconds as you can see we are already at 2%, 3% it’s gonna go for like maybe one to two minutes. Until you have a full video of the best quality on your PC or 40 minutes so we are just gonna exit the application. 

Is this a satisfactory blog

We don’t need that it was just to show you so if you liked this guide don’t forget to put your like, don’t forget also for your comment. I’m gonna reply to all of them you know I would love to know what I could like change or like what you’re saying Bunch news you should have done it like differently or maybe there is some stuff that you say hey bunch news you could do a little guide about that because it’s missing on YouTube. I would love to see you giving a guide about that and very importantly also share it please so that the most people possible are gonna see that. So, thanks to you so much for reading this blog have a nice day, and maybe you will be my next stream when I’m streaming again on to it so bye-bye my friends have a nice day bye bye.