How much do practice squad players make in the NFL

As a result of the NFL altering its regulations in 2020, the practice squad has become more valuable than ever before. This means teams may now carry a larger roster, promote two players each week, and retain veterans on the practice squad. Even the size of practice squads has increased to 16 players, which gives more opportunity to veterans and young players. But, how much do practice squad players make in the NFL? 

Players with less than two NFL seasons will make at least $9,200 each week, which equates to $165,600 over the course of 18 weeks on the practice squad. Players who have accrued more than two seasons earn a minimum of $14,500 every week and $252,500 for the whole season. However, this number can increase too, if the team wants to. 

Let’s get to know more about Practice squad players, their salary, number of players, etc. 

How NFL practice squad works?

The practice squad is a different and distinct group on each NFL game day from the active roster. Generally, practice squad members are expected to be young men that clubs are attempting to develop. 

After testing with the arrangement in 2020, the NFL and NFL Players Association made 16-man practice squads permanent. Six of the sixteen players can have a limitless amount of NFL experience.

On game days, two players may be promoted to the active roster. They are then sent to the practice squad until the team grants them a one-year contract. However, clubs are limited to activating a player twice; after the second activation, they must select whether or not to promote him to the active roster.


How many players are on an NFL practice squad?

Since the 2020 season, the NFL expanded the capacity of practice squads to a maximum of 16 players. Previously, practice squads were limited to a maximum of ten players. 

The league had intended to expand the practice squad to 12 players in 2020, with the second increase to 14 players in 2022, but they upped the quota in response to the COVID-19 epidemic.

The 16-player practice squad allowed clubs to maintain roster flexibility and to retain more players acquainted with the system. This was critical during the COVID-affected campaign.

Who is eligible for an NFL practice squad?

There are some rules for being eligible for an NFL practice squad player; they include, 

  • Those who have not played a full season in the NFL (rookies)
  • Players whose lone season of eligibility saw them on the active list for less than nine regular-season games (s)

There are even limit on hiring rookies and experienced player. It includes:

  • Each squad may have up to four players with no more than two accrued seasons (no game limitations)
  • Each squad may have up to six players with no restriction on the amount of earned accrued seasons.

How much do practice squad players make in the NFL?

The minimum salary for practice squad players in NFL is $9200 per week. This equates to $165,600 over the course of 18 weeks on the practice squad. FYI, A season is earned when a player is paid on a full-time basis for at least six regular-season games. Earlier, this number was $8400 per week, but it has increased since the 2021 season. 

Players who have accrued more than two seasons earn a minimum of $14,500 every week and $252,500 for the whole season.

If a player on the practice squad is promoted to the active roster, he gets paid the prorated minimum wage for a player with his level of experience.

Teams are permitted to pay a player more than the minimum wage, which frequently occurs when another team comes sniffing about a player. All payments paid to the practice squad are included in the team’s salary cap.

Either from the 2022 or 2023 season, there will be an increase in practice squad salary to $11,500 to $15,400. Veterans with more than two seasons of experience can earn up to $19,900 per week on an NFL practice squad. 

Do NFL players get paid for practice squad?

Yes, players get paid for the practice squad. In fact, they earn $9200 per week and $165,600 per season over the period of 18 weeks. Players who have experienced more than two seasons earn $14,500 per week and $252,500 for the whole season. 

Can NFL teams sign players practice squad?

Players on the practice squad are eligible to sign with other NFL clubs, but only if they are signed to the 53-man roster of another team. A team cannot sign a player from a rival practice squad to its own practice squad.

NFL teams can add players from their practice squad to their 53-man roster. Just open a roster place, and they can do it.

However, each week, teams can shield four players on their practice squad from being signed by other teams. These positions are obviously designated for the practice squad’s most valued players or for specialists such as kickers and punters.

Do practice squad players go to games?

On a weekly basis, only two practice squad players can play in NFL games. NFL clubs are permitted to advance two players to the active roster on game days in order to increase their gameday roster to 55 players. This can happen at any point prior to the official active/inactive list being issued 90 minutes before the game.

The remaining 14 players, on the other hand, can not be on the active roster and hence will be unable to participate.

Moreover, NFL clubs aren’t compelled to promote players from their practice squads, so they can choose to maintain their gameday rosters at 53.

Do practice squad players travel with the team?

Players on the NFL’s practice squad are not permitted to accompany their club for away games. Despite the fact that they put in as much (and sometimes more) time as the active roster players during the week, they’ll watch away games from the same place that many fans do: their couches at home.

When the club plays a home game, practice squad members are permitted to enter the stadium but are not permitted to remain on the sidelines. They must observe games from the locker room or from the stands.

What were the NFL practice squad rules 2021?

Here is the important rules that the NFL practice squad needed to follow in 2021:

  • A practice squad can have no more than six players with more than two seasons of professional experience.
  • Teams are permitted to keep four unsigned practice players each week.
  • Unless a player is signed to the team’s active roster, they cannot be taken by another team. A player from one team’s practice squad cannot be added to the one of another team.
  • Teams can use the 54th and 55th roster spots each week by promoting two players from their practice squad without having to make room on the active roster for them. The day before a game, this transaction must be completed by 4 p.m. ET.
  • If a club discovers a late positive case of COVID-19, they have up to 90 minutes before kickoff to promote a member of their practice squad.

Bottom Line

This was all about the NFL practice squad. Now you know how much do practice squad players make in the NFL. The minimum salary is $9200, and it may increase in 2022 to $11500. Experienced players make even more money on the practice squad. However, the salary is much lesser, even than the rookie, who made atleast $660K per season. 

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