David Dobrik’s $100K puzzle was released in december 2020, as he released several puzzles accompanied by QR codes. The YouTuber’s money puzzle was a massive challenge to his fans, with the potential grand prize of $100,000 – and now, someone has won.

As soon as they solved the puzzle, participants – who paid $30.00 for the puzzle – would go to the URL hidden in a QR code to find out whether or not they had won up to $100,000.

While Dobrik’s project sold more than half a million puzzles in a week, many of his fans were quickly angry—some accused him of advocating a kind of “gambling” for children and even defrauding his loyal followers. In March, after the drama surrounding Dobrik and his Vlog Squad, the hype around the puzzles had all but died down, with no grand winner chosen.

The 100k Puzzle posted a video, however, on its official Instagram account, on March 25 showing what appeared to be members of Dobrik’s team presenting the winner with the $100,000 prize.

David Dobrik's $100,000 puzzle challenge winner is revealed

“Finally getting married” is her top goal after receiving the money, which she plans to use to buy supplies for her fifth-grade students, put a down payment on a house and put a down payment on a car.
The FAQ page of the site says puzzle orders will start shipping the week of December 21, although that may change due to the pandemic. You have some time to complete the 500-piece puzzle before the game ends on March 31 of next year (or until they sell out), but not forever.
During the pandemic, puzzles are having a moment as they’re an ideal activity to pass the time at home without looking at a screen. The Hundred Thousand Dollar Puzzle is therefore in the perfect place at the perfect time.

In addition, Dobrik says, “Giving money is the perfect gift, as it’s simple and everyone loves getting it. I am looking forward to it being available in time for the holidays and to everyone winning!”

If you are getting money for completing this puzzle, you may be the most excited you have ever been