In just five minutes, you can get your grillz customized right at home with everything you need. 

Even without the expensive dental custom molding, the silicone mold included will ensure the grillz will fit and be firmly secured to your mouth. It is quite easy to get the Custom Grillz in and out of your mouth using these silicone molding bars without causing any discomfort to your gums. 

We’ll get started now.

Make sure you have a soft toothbrush, floss, and toothpaste on hand before beginning to brush your teeth

  1. Cleaning your mouth is very important to getting your mouth ready for custom fitting. Make sure you brush and floss your teeth properly, and rinse your mouth very well with water before you fit your grillz. 
  2. Grillz are custom fitted to the wearer’s teeth and are worn over them. Fold the Grillz gently to fit the shape of your mouth, curving it to match the contour of your teeth. 
  3. The bottom hooks should be curved out. 
  4. To use, press down gently on the center of the grillz (the spot where your teeth will go). 
  5. Take the silicone molding bar and grill up with clean tweezers, place them into a bowl of hot water, not boiling water (165-175 F degrees). 
  6. After soaking the grill and the molding bar in water for a while, take them out of the water and let them dry. Take the fixing bar and grillz out of the water with tweezers and shake off all excess water. 
  7. This awesome mouth jewelry should be applied in front of a mirror. If possible, stand in front of the mirror, then carefully place the grillz on your mouth. 
  8. Fit your grill until it feels secure, yet not too loose or uncomfortable. It should not cause any discomfort as long as it’s not too tight or loose. 
  9. There’s nothing wrong with bending, shifting, or even applying pressure to your grillz until it fits just right for you.

How Grillz May Affect Your Teeth

  • By provoking the formation of plaque and bacteria between the grills and teeth, grills and teeth are likely to promote tooth decaying and plaque formation. If you are cooking your breakfast, lunch, or dinner on the grill, make sure the handles are detached and that you thoroughly clean the grill after each use to ensure that food particles and bacteria are not left behind.
  • Additionally, they can cause abrasion to the teeth, and that borders on it. Those who are fans of the grills or use them constantly should always whiten their teeth once they stop using them, as continuous use could cause discoloration of the teeth.
  • When using this mouth jewelry, individuals should pay particular attention to dental hygiene, and floss and brush their teeth at least two times a day.