What Days Do Family Dollar Employees Get Paid?

What are the requirements to work at Family Dollar?

The company prefers to hire workers who are 18 or over and have high school diplomas or GEDs.

However, some locations will make exceptions for 16 and 17 year-olds who have work permits..

What retail stores pay most?

Top 15 Highest Paying Retail JobsCostco Associate. If you are looking for a traditional retail job, consider Costco. … Beauty Consultant. Beauty consultants don’t just sell products to customers. … Pharmacy Technician. … Buyer. … Loss Prevention Manager. … Cosmetics Manager. … Purchasing Manager. … Customer Service Supervisor.More items…

How much do Family Dollar employees get paid?

Family Dollar Stores Inc Jobs by Hourly RateJob TitleRangeAverageCashierRange:$8 – $11Average:$9Customer Service Representative (CSR)Range:$7 – $11Average:$9Assistant ManagerRange:$9 – $14Average:$11Retail Store ManagerRange:$10 – $22Average:$153 more rows

Does Dollar Tree pay weekly or biweekly?

Yes. You are paid every 2 weeks here. Everyone gets paid every two weeks.

Does Family Dollar have a dress code?

3 answers. Red shirt and khaki pants. No expectations.

Does Family Dollar give raises?

How often do raises occur at Family Dollar? Annually per review. Managers raises are based on store performance and are effected by assistant managers performance also.

Is Family Dollar a good company to work for?

Family Dollar Employee Reviews. Great place to work, good hours . Meet people and help them find what they’re looking for to make things easier in their lives, that’s at a good price and quality. Great leaders that promote you when they see your skills that helps the company to grow!

Does the dollar store pay weekly?

Does Dollar General Pay Weekly Or Every two Weeks How does That work? DG pays weekly. You will get you deposit on the Money Network card roughly between 9pm and 11:59pm on Thursday, though your…

Do Family Dollar employees get paid weekly?

Family Dollar gets paid weekly at the moment, but will switch to biweekly in the near future.

Does Family Dollar Pay weekly or biweekly 2020?

Family Dollar pays every two weeks.

Does Family Dollar pay time and a half on holidays?

Yes Family Dollar pays overtime. Regular pay for holidays.

Does Family Dollar have Scrubs?

Clean & Clear Deep Action Exfoliating Scrub, 5 oz. Family Dollar.

How much do Family Dollar stockers make?

The typical Family Dollar Stores Cashier/Stocker salary is $9. Cashier/Stocker salaries at Family Dollar Stores can range from $8 – $14.

How long do you have to work at Family Dollar to get a raise?

3 answers. It takes 90 days to 1 years depending on the position or job title you have before you can ask for a promotion or receive one.

How much do Family Dollar assistant managers make?

How much does a Assistant Store Manager at Family Dollar Stores make? The typical Family Dollar Stores Assistant Store Manager salary is $12. Assistant Store Manager salaries at Family Dollar Stores can range from $3 – $47.

Does Family Dollar employees get a discount?

No you don’t get any discounts or anything as a family dollar employee. … Your holiday bonus is a $10 gift card to Family Dollar.

What is the minimum wage for Family Dollar?

Average Family Dollar hourly pay ranges from approximately $10.26 per hour for Customer Service Associate / Cashier to $20.74 per hour for Store Manager. The average Family Dollar salary ranges from approximately $25,000 per year for Assistant Manager to $48,942 per year for Store Manager.

Is Dollar Tree pay weekly?

Every two weeks cashiers and managers get paid.

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