Why are computer repair shops so expensive?

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My wife and I ran a video games retail store where we sold new and used games, but I did not run a computer repair shop. Unfortunately, I have to answer this question in painful detail.

When you imagine one person repairing computers all day, one after another, the price will seem ridiculously high. When you see a $60 minimum charge, you might think, "I can fix most computers in 45 minutes or more, netting $60/hour or more. For someone who just pushes buttons, turns screws, and swaps parts, that price is outrageous."

But you’re missing an awful lot of things:

  • Computers can't always be waiting for repairs. It is possible to go a whole day without having to repair a computer.
  • While working on a computer, you might break something. What you broke will have to be fixed on your own dime.
  • In addition to rent, electricity, taxes, and insurance, you also have to pay for a host of other expenses.
  • During the time between when you bought and when you sold any inventory you have, its price may depreciate. Particularly with computer parts, this is true.
  • It seems like something strange always happens every month. In one instance, the State sales tax office claimed I didn't pay them and my bank claimed the State returned the payment. The State had no other option but to take a penalty that wiped out all my profit for the month. Our computers once sustained over $800 worth of damage from someone spilling soda on them.
  • As a result, you end up giving away a lot of things to maintain goodwill. For example, if someone brings you a laptop with a working display and while you’re working on it the display starts to fail, you’re going to replace that display at your own expense. It’s very hard to tell a random customer that their display happened to fail while you were working on something else. You’ll also have employees who break things and you have to cover that too.

Retailers assume that owning a neighborhood shop is like having a license to print money - you open your doors and people walk in and throw money at you. It isn't like that. I really don't think so. When we sold the store to someone who shared that vision, we thought we were lucky, but three months after that, he went out of business.

What should I do if a computer maintenance person damaged my laptop?

What exactly did you break to get the power port pushed deeper inside the laptop? Actually, I'd like to read you acknowledge the way that happens.

The ball was dropped. The power adapter port was damaged by a velocity impact while plugged into the power cord. As a result, the DC jack is broken free and pushed deeper into the laptop.

Tripping over a cord may also break the power adapter port, but that won't push the adapter inside.

Therefore. Is there proof that the hinge you claim he broke was not broken when you brought the laptop to him? Have you taken pictures of the damage before and after?

I work as a computer mechanic. I've been on the receiving end of false accusations before. We have been called more than once by irresponsible computer owners seeking our repair services after accidentally damaging their computers, making a massive fuss as to how there couldn't be anything seriously wrong with them, and then once they found out how they were damaged, blaming us. We scammed them. Breaking it was our fault... In this case, they only brought it in for a small issue.

The laptop has never been seen by any of us, yet you are here. That's a fact you know for sure. You know that none of us saw the laptop before it was repaired. We didn't see the laptop after it was repaired. All of these facts are obvious to you, just as your knowledge of the rise and set of the sun is.

In other words, how do we know whether the laptop hinge was damaged in the same fall that damaged the power adapter port, or if it was caused by the technician who fixed the power port? We need to know very specific details to distinguish these two situations, so be sure you include the details in your question that suggest how we can do that.

You will have a difficult time proving in court that the repair tech caused the damage without photos showing before and after. When there are any signs that the laptop was dropped or that it was damaged, that pretty much rules out any chance of proving the damage was caused by him, because it would seem the hinge was broken in the fall.

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