Why is Max mute in Max and Ruby?

Why is Max mute in Max and Ruby?

A series of animated television shows based on books written by Rosemary Wells for children called Max & Ruby can be found on the Canadian television.

Netflix is helping modern audiences discover this show, which first premiered in 2002.

There's Max the three-year-old who's rowdy and daring, and Ruby the seven-year-old who's patient, goal-oriented, and patient.

Since the show was a wholesome children's cartoon, it has spawned all kinds of conspiracy theories throughout time - including why Max doesn't speak.

Why doesn’t Max talk in Max and Ruby?

Why Max doesn't talk has been the subject of several unofficial theories.

Theoretically, Super Bunny is mute due to the abuse he suffered from his grandmother when he was a child, which led to him creating an imaginary hero to serve as his protector.

Max might have had some sort of head trauma (but it has never been proven).

Apparently, Max has some kind of head injury sustained in the car accident that killed his parents, according to correspondence with the show's producers. Ruby serves as his caregiver in this case because of the accident.

Because their parents aren't really dead, this is often considered hearsay.

However, they did appear in episodes aired in 2016 - about which more below. The siblings' grandmother is a more permanent presence in the show.

"Children handle issues and conflicts differently when they're on their own," Rosemary Wells told Nick Jr., explaining why the parents took so long to appear.

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