Is Nintendo claims Mario is 26 years old

Science has not come to a consensus on why human beings think, though it is widely believed to be fundamental to human life. Due to the fact that it is impossible to explain why thought arises, I am compelled to believe I was selected by some divine being to bear this burdensome thought.

Nintendo claims Mario is 26 years old

And that thought was: how old is Mario from the Mario Bros. games?

I was unable to ask this question until this very moment, in spite of my whole life's worth of attempts. Why it suddenly came to me is beyond me. My brain hid the answer from me subconsciously, as if it were protecting me.

To quell my curiosity, I did a quick Google search and found something horrifying. In Nintendo canon, Mario was 26 years old when he appeared in the Super Mario games. The punishment I received was for defying God.

The article in The Independent that made me gasp at my desk made me do some digging to confirm this horrendous fact. Mario's creator, Shigeru Miyamoto, said of Mario that he could not define a lot about him aside from the age of 24 to 25.

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I was shocked. Mario is not only younger than 26, but he is the only thing about him that is said to be true.

We don't need to discuss why Mario is not 26 years old, do we? He is not 26. I am 26 years old. Mario is the same age as my father when he was a child. It is obvious. Mario Bros. was a video game. What a show! The actor who played him was 56 years old. We should not be led to believe that Mario is 26. This is unrealistic, nay, it is irresponsible. There is something terribly wrong. Now it was clear to me that Shigeru Miyamoto had gone mad with power. I was certain he had to be stopped because his God complex knows no bounds. The rest of the Mario characters intrigued me more, so I did more research. I quickly regretted this decision.

Nintendo claims Mario is 26 years old

Is it because Mr. Miyamoto has not been challenged? What kind of tyrant is he? What is the nature of this authoritarian leader who wields an iron fist over Nintendo? Why did I become responsible for this? Is there nobody who can stop him?

My goal is to stop this from happening. Since nobody else appears to be in charge here, I am officially in charge. I will take over. You have my support. Mario is now 45 years old. Canon now exists. A 43-year-old, Luigi. In addition, Toad has no hair underneath the mushroom on his head. We ask that you respect this Mario lore as official.

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