How to Download from Github

You may download from GitHub by navigating to the top-level of the project (in this case SDN). The green "Code" download button can be found on the right. Using the pull-down menu on the Code, select Download ZIP. The ZIP file will include all the repository's content, including the area you requested. You can download from GitHub using that method.

how to download from github

How Do I Download Files From GitHub?

The word "download" is unclear. Some answers assume you are cloning a repository, but you may be referring to an image or text file. Here are a few options, depending on what you want to accomplish.

Commonly, git includes a command-line interface (CLI) that makes it easy to use. Using this program, you can create locally accessible storage for version control. In addition to uploading and synchronizing information between local and remote repositories, GitHub provides web-based interface and other features.


The "download" of a text file is through your browser by clicking a link to view the "raw" source code. Make a copy of the selected text, then paste it into a file on your computer.

Download zip:

You can download a zipped archive to your local computer by clicking the Download button.


A local copy of the repository can be cloned and synchronized using the git CLI. Copy the repository from the *path to the repo>' command


If you intend to make your own changes to the repository, you can also "fork" it, creating a linked replica that is maintained independently of the original. A replica of a repository forked from another organization appears in your account. This will then be available for you to "download".

HTTP client:

It is possible to download the "Raw" file using a popular http client, like wget or curl, if you know the complete URL. The URL for the file should be*path to file>

There are multiple ways of "downloading" code from GitHub.

Download the code as a zip file: 

The problem with using this method (clicking on "Download ZIP" on the repository page) is you can't use git awesomeness since you will download a regular file and not a git repository. If you have a local copy and a remote copy (the copy on GitHub), you will not be able to keep them in sync.

Clone the repository: 

Synchronizing local and remote versions of a repository is possible when you clone. For those who need to stay on top of changes or who intend to contribute to the remote repository, downloading code like this is the best method. 

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