Disloyal: Michael Cohen's Trump book

From 2006 to 2018, Michael Dean Cohen served as an attorney for U.S. President Donald Trump. A vice-president of the Trump Organization and Trump's personal counsel, Cohen was referred to by the media as Trump's "fixer".

Michael Cohen's Trump book

Who is Michael Cohen?

In the early part of Mr Trump's presidency, Cohen acted as a fixer for him; however, they fell out in the wake of Mr Trump's impeachment, and Cohen gave a brutal testimony to Congress last year.

According to court documents, Cohen was jailed for tax evasion, false statements, and campaign finance violations in 2018. After being released from prison amid concerns about the spread of Coronavirus, the disbarred lawyer is serving his last three years at his home in New York.

In addition to being returned to jail, he was told that the move against him had been made by the government as retribution for writing his book.

Mr Trump has called Cohen "a rat" and a liar.

Donald Trump once said Cohen would take a bullet for him. Since then, he has claimed to have received death threats from Trump supporters. Michael Cohen took his family to Donald Trump's New Jersey golf resort in the summer of 2012. He had been working as Trump's lawyer and attack dog for six years at this point. As Trump watched the teenage girl walk off the tennis court, her hair scrunched into a ponytail, he noticed her. "Look at that ass! A man Cohen called "the Boss" said, "I'd love some of that."

Disloyal: Michael Cohen's Trump book

In fact, Cohen explained to the future president of the United States that Samantha was his 15-year-old daughter. "She has gotten so hot," he said, grabbing Samantha by the wrists and saying she has a "beautiful figure.". Cohen's daughter begged him to resign as Trump's attorney after this distinctly creepy encounter. The answer is no.

Cohen instead went down a path of hubris. A job as Trump's personal attorney would bring him great honor: helping Trump defeat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 US election. To doom and disaster: a public feud with the White House's Tweeter-in-Chief, as well as a stint in jail after he pleaded guilty to lying to Congress and other offenses.

Cohen describes Trump's decade-long reign as president through his mouth. There are parts survivor's memoir, parts revenge tragedy in this exhilarating and lurid story. He delivered a brutal verdict on the president. For the most part, it is convincing. Cohen describes Trump as a cheat, liar, fraudster, bully, racist and predator. In addition, there are gargantuan conmen who have managed to defraud millions of Americans.

Trump summoned Cohen to fix his own messes from the 26th floor of Trump Tower

Trump summoned Cohen

If Joe Biden wins the November election, Trump is unlikely to resign, Cohen says. Rather than count on the president's cheating to win, he relies on a tactic he has used before with great success. Cohen's reasoning is plausible: Trump will do anything to stay in power, knowing full well that charges and a possible prison cell await him once he is no longer in office.

This Trump has the charm and menace of a mafia mobster. Cohen was summoned from the 26th floor of Trump Tower to fix the messes he had created. Trump effectively stiffed women with whom he had affairs, as well as disgruntled contractors and others who did not want to work with him. Cohen writes that Trump's directions have always been oblique, leaving him room for plausible deniability.

Cohen says Trump is a cheat, liar, fraud, bully, racist, and predator

Cohen says Trump is a cheat, liar

Cohen claims Trump colluded with the Kremlin, but not in the sophisticated manner his critics imagine. If you can call it treason, it was treason of the pedestrian, me-first variety. Putin and Trump were united in their hatred of Clinton, with Trump willing to accept Russian help (hacking, spies, trolls, oligarchs bearing gifts) as long as it benefited him personally.

Jeremy Cohen blasts MI6 spies Christopher Steele and John Podesta for writing a dossier claiming the Russians tried to cultivate Trump. One of Steele's memos claims Cohen met Russian intermediaries in Prague in summer 2016, a claim Cohen denies. The one-time Russian colonel is regarded as the world's richest man, worth a trillion dollars in Trump's eyes, owing to his love of money and belief that Putin is worth a trillion dollars.

trump rally
Even so, Cohen thinks it's "not entirely impossible" that the notorious dossier pee tape exists. While in Russia for the Miss Universe pageant, Trump allegedly watched two prostitutes perform in his hotel suite. Cohen wasn't present. Instead, Trump writes of a similar performance he watched with his Moscow buddies Emin and Aras Agalarov in a Las Vegas strip club around the same time. Cohen tells us that they liked it a lot.

American citizens, rather than Russians, facilitated Trump's rise to power and may still conspire to keep him there. David Pecker, then the CEO of American Media and publisher of the National Enquirer, worked closely with Cohen. Trump's extramarital relationships with adult star Stormy Daniels and Playboy model Karen McDougal were smothered by the two of them together. (Cohen paid Daniels himself, an illegal campaign expense that helped land him in jail.)

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