Apple's New iPad Mini Could Replace Your Laptop

 Apple's iPad mini in the fall will be getting more than an update to its look. It has been reported by 9to5Mac that the smallest iPad will come equipped with an A15 processor, USB-C, and a magnetic Smart Connector. If it was so, the smallest iPad could possibly replace your laptop due to its boosted processing power.

New iPad mini

According to 9to5Mac, the A15 chip will be made with Apple's same 5nm processing tech as the A14 and will power the iPhone 13 series. Another interesting bit of news is that Apple is allegedly developing a more powerful variant of the A15X. Five-generation iPad minis are powered by Apple's A12 chip found in iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, and eighth-generation iPad and third-generation iPad Air. In the years since the A12 Bionic was introduced in 2018, a series of new A12 chips has been developed, including the A12X, the A12Z, the A13, and the A14, so this upward jump should be significant.

It may not be a dramatic shift from 7nm to 5nm. Despite this, Apple is clearly excited about the upcoming iPad mini redesign. 9to5Mac suggests that Apple will only replace the A12 in the entry-level iPad with an A13, which is not as significant as some claim.

A Smart Connector and USB-C are further signs Apple wants to make small iPads more appealing. In addition, that allows the iPad mini to connect to a broader range of peripherals and brings it even closer to the iPad Pro and iPad Air. Perhaps we will also see a tiny little keyboard to go along with the tiny iPad, as suggested by the Smart Connector.

Bloomberg also reported this year that Apple would redesign the iPad Mini removing the home button and reducing the bezels. The iPad mini's display is expected to grow from the current 7.9 inches to between 8.5 and 9 inches as a result of those changes, according to reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Are you looking for a bigger display, more connectivity with accessories, or faster processing? These changes, plus maybe some multitasking and productivity improvements in iPadOS 15? There sure is a lot of effort Apple is making to advertise the iPad mini as a working device. We shouldn't be surprised by that. Every iPad has been on Apple's marketing radar since it first launched, albeit with mixed results. What do you know? The iPad mini might benefit from such a feature. Despite its small size, the iPad mini has always been considered the awkward one of the bunch. There is still no way to predict whether the updates will make a difference.

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