The Boys': Who is Lamplighter? Everything you Need to Know

Lamplighter is one of the characters on Amazon's series The Boys. In the Seven, he was Starlight's predecessor and a supe with pyrokinetic abilities. Despite still working for Vought, Lamplighter is deeply frustrated with his downgrade from Seven member, to one working for cleaning up. After his "retirement", Lamplighter became an orderly at Sage Grove Center, where Vought experiments on patients.

Lamplighter: The Boys Series

Lamplighter: The Boys Series

A 4 year old Lamplighter accidentally burned down the house with his powers after they activated. The father said he was destined for greatness despite this and was immensely proud of his son. The Seven member became friends with The Deep later on when he became one of its original members. Lamplighter The Boys, though, was demoted from his position sometime before the start of Season 1 for reasons that have yet to be explained (maybe for the same reason that the team blackmailed him 5 years ago). The Sage Grove Center has taken over his membership status, while he remains a member of the Vought organization. As of now, he sees himself as just an observer who watches from the sidelines as the real heroes do their work.

Season 1

The Seven rarely mentions him in the first season, but he is mentioned frequently by others. His image can also be found on the ceiling of the Seven Tower, where The Seven's headquarters are located. On S1 E4, Mother's Milk, we learn that Frenchie was supposed to tail Lamplighter and to assist Mom as much as possible. because He did not; Mallory's grandchildren were killed. Grace Mallory addresses the fact that Lamplighter had killed her grandchildren, causing her to leave the CIA.

Season 2

The Boys Season 2 finally introduced Lamplighter. This former member of the corrupt Seven team was succeeded by Starlight in the series' pilot episode. It was mentioned several times that Lamplighter had incinerated her grandchildren throughout Season 1. Nonetheless, it wasn't until the sixth episode of Season 2 that the Lamplighter actually made an appearance. His comic books paint a pretty grim picture of him, despite the fact that we know little about him.

Spoilers ahead for The Boys Season 2.

As an orderly at the Sage Grove Center, Lamplighter appeared in Season 2 Episode 6, "The Bloody Doors Off.". Vought's experiments were covered up by the psychiatric facility. As part of Stormfront, the corporation injected patients with Compound V in order to perfect the substance and eventually create an Aryan army of superhumans. Lamplighters burned patients who were no longer useful to Vought.

The Boys blackmail Lamplighter into spying on the rest of the Seven, as we learn through flashbacks. He was incredibly upset by this, which is why he began hunting for Grace's grandchildren. Eventually, it is revealed that Lamplighter was aiming at Grace's grandchildren, and her deaths were an accident. Lamplighter agrees to join the Seven in their fight against Vought and the Boys after a tense standoff with Grace and the Boys. Lamplighter's history has already been altered profoundly by this twist.

The Boys season 3: Everything we know so far

In the summer of our discontent (a.k.a. summer 2020), Amazon released the second season of The Boys on the Prime Video platform. It broke into Nielsen's top 10 streaming ratings chart for the first time with the R-rated superhero satire from Supernatural creator Eric Kripke, and its popularity inspired a spin-off series to explore further this world of corrupt, out-of-control superheroes. What's next for the show? There is no doubt that things will get worse. The order for season 3 has already been placed, so here is what's next.

Krupke promised to begin filming season 3 as early as 2021, and fortunately COVID-19 did not destroy his hopes. This was the first day of filming for the showrunner and some members of the cast, which was on Feb. 24th.

Lamplighter: The Boys Series

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