7 Best Apps Every Movie Lover Needs

Unlike my brother-in-law, I amn't very good at hobbies (whereas he makes baking extracts, I update Twitter), but I certainly enjoy movies, and the internet is allowing me to think that watching HBO Max is a legitimate leisure activity.

7 Best Apps Every Movie Lover Needs

This isn't just because I can talk to fellow snooty cinephiles on the Criterion Collection subreddit. I've also compiled a collection of apps and websites that help me watch movies to the fullest, such as easily searching what's available on the way-too-many streaming services. I subscribe, catalog, rank, share, and assemble a lifetime's worth of recommendations of shows I've been watching... if I can convince my wife that I should watch another one.

Here are seven apps I think are must-haves for any movie and streaming-obsessed person.

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