20 Amazon Prime Video's best horror movies to keep you up at nigh

You can find everything from thrillers and mysteries to slashers and ghost stories on Amazon Prime Video. A great selection of horror movies are included free with your Prime Video subscription, from menacing mysteries to original nightmares that are hard to get your head around.

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Other options are also available to you, of course. The horror movie selection on Netflix is quite impressive. Hulu does too. The fright-filled scarefests on your streaming subscription might surprise you, so don't miss out. There are many options out there for streaming video, including Amazon Prime Video.

How about the first battle? You can now watch Amazon Prime Video's 20 best horror movies for free.

1. Night of the Living Dead

This list would not be complete without the all-time great zombie apocalypse director, George A. Romero. As a standard-setting staple of cinema, this 1968 film is also a vehicle for terror that gets under your skin and festers. From beginning to end, this bleak tale of strangers versus an army of the undead has a lasting impact that's hard to shake more than half a century later.

2. Train to Busan

In Train to Busan, director Yeon Sang-ho presents a sickeningly entertaining explosion of zombie mayhem and societal commentary brought on by a chemical spill. Incredibly funny and consistently original, this apocalyptic adventure is one of those films you'll want to watch again and again. Seriously, it never gets old.

3. Midsommar

Writer-director Ari Aster returns to the big screen in his second film after the critically acclaimed Hereditary. As a meditation on acceptance and rejection, Midsommar turns the traditional formula of occult abduction on its head for an intense film. If you're looking for big, beautiful, haunting images accompanied by excellent characters and production design, this is the one for you.

4. Hellraiser

Original Hellraiser remains as frightening today as it ever was thanks to the phenomenally twisted mind of Clive Barker. Experience the eerie world of monstrous torture (see what I did there?) with genre icon Pinhead, played by Doug Bradley, taking on protagonist Kirsty, portrayed by Ashley Laurence. Regardless of what you think of the latest Hellraiser films, it's hard to deny that this 1987 nightmare is an all-time classic.

5. The Cabin in the Woods

With its Scream-meets-sci-fi script and stellar ensemble cast, The Cabin in the Woods satirizes horror tropes with one of the most talked about endings in horror history. In the course of a weekend getaway, five friends fall victim to a conspiracy designed to bring them down. There has never been a horror film so straightforwardly entertaining in recent years.

6. The Neon Demon

A Vogue issue released in collaboration with the Necronimcon might resemble something like director Nicolas Winding Refn's The Neon Demon. Featuring Elle Fanning as a doomed ingénue, this stylish fever dream offers a gripping examination of western beauty standards and commercialization in Los Angeles.

7. The Ring

Gore Verbinkski's The Ring not only holds up better than we expected (the film's intentionally jarring narrative devices have aged more like continuity problems, to be honest), but it remains a crucial title in aughts horror history. Naomi Watts plays a journalist who stumbles across a VHS tape with a murderous history.

8. The Lighthouse

Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe star in this absolutely bizarre drama about sanity. Director Robert Eggers, known for his feature-length debut The Witch, crafts an atmospheric tale about a pair of men stationed at a remote lighthouse that delivers intense atmosphere and explosive performances. (If at the end you are still wondering what it all means, don't worry - we are too.)

9. Overlord

It's honest-to-goodness action set against a backdrop of zombie terror set during World War II in Julius Avery's Overlord. With irresistible characters and a solid plot, this is a remarkable revisionist history lesson starring Jovan Adepo as a leading man as well as Pilou Asb*k as a captivating villain.

10. Paranormal Activity 3

This prequel to the Paranormal Activity franchise is easily the scariest of the whole franchise, showing how evil began and how it spread throughout the world. As a final installment of the demonic premise, Paranormal Activity 3 delivers a strong cast and good acting without becoming overly dramatic.

11. You're Next

This movie is most closely compared to Ready or Not, a 2019 hit. It starts off as a stilted drama before revealing a more sinister plot. A troubled family dinner is the setting for Sharman Vinson's role as a date to Nicholas Tucci and A.J. Miller. A masked killer comes to kill everyone, including Bowen, and he must find a way out. You're Next is a true hidden gem that's fun and fearless.

12. Come To Daddy

The movie Come To Daddy, directed by Ant Timpson, is bonkers from top to bottom. A son is confronted by his estranged father's past when he visits his estranged father, played by Stephen McHattie, in this comedic thriller with some serious gore. This one is well worth the wait. Gripping, but unspoiled, it's a must-see.

13. We Need To Talk About Kevin

The show examines warning signs of violence and is sure to leave many viewers feeling unsteady. Ezra Miller plays Kevin, a disturbed teenager who goes on an unexplained killing spree, and Tilda Swinton and John C. Reilly play his parents. This psychological thriller by director Lynne Ramsay is more contemplative than attention-grabbing, even as it looms large about its inescapably horrifying conclusion.

14. Compliance

This gut-wrenching dramatization of a real scam that rocked Kentucky in the 1990s is led by The Handmaid's Tale's Ann Dowd. Dowd, who plays Walker's manager, accuses Walker of stealing from the fast food chain. But what starts out as a high-production HR video soon turns into a heinous game of submission and domination that turns its victims into perpetrators.

15. The Love Witch

When you scroll past Anna Biller's 2016 film The Love Witch, you may mistake it for a forgotten gem from the 1960s. As a story about a magic temptress seeking love, it combines the glamour of old Hollywood with the tragedy of the present. A bewitching figure of feminist horror, Samantha Robinson stands out as Elaine.

16. Gretel & Hansel

From director Oz Perkins, this Brothers Grimm fairytale gets a new take led by the star of It, Sophia Lillis. Gretel & Hansel recalls the candy-covered cottage everyone knows, but tells a bitter new tale once viewers enter. This is an imperfect addition to the story's history, but it adds even more fear to the scary premise.

17. Crawl

A powerful PSA about emergency preparedness and... While director Alexandre Aja avoids interfering with alligators(?! ), Crawl follows a competitive swimmer (Kaya Scodelario) trying to find her father (Barry Pepper). Despite being a sequel to Jaws, Crawl is a good popcorn flick with a surprising amount of depth.

18. Suspiria (2018)

As directed by Luca Guadagnino and starring Tilda Swinton, this remake explores rather than mimics the perspective of Dario Argento's 1977 classic. A film aims to achieve a distinct emotional affect through the use of identical genre tropes. Suspiria achieves this goal admirably. There is fear, but it comes in many forms, each presenting its own unsettling experiences.

19. Unsane

Steve Soderbergh's iPhone 7-made horror film is in many ways claustrophobic. A dangerous stalker plagues the main character in Unsane, played by Claire Foy. She is questioned about her sanity and her safety when she seeks counseling to be helped by her trauma. Followed by a nail-biting nightmare with a twist in the end, you're sure to experience a big (if not entirely positive) reaction.

20. The Village

It's surprisingly spooky to revisit M. Night Shyamalan's The Village, which has been criticised for years. Its atmosphere and committed cast (which includes Bryce Dallas Howard, Adrien Brody, and Joaquin Phoenix among others) create a believable world of terror that can be enjoyed through a contemporary lens, regardless of whether you agree with the film's divisive ending.

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