How to Download a Video from Facebook?

 Since Facebook is the biggest social network in the world with over 2 billion monthly users, it has been making a splash with video - in hopes of competing with YouTube for the time people spend watching content on their phones, tablets, laptops, and TVs. However, Facebook does not yet offer offline viewing like YouTube. So if you are wondering how to download Facebook videos, it's not as simple as clicking on the download button. If you have ever wondered how to download Facebook videos to your choice of device - an Android phone, an iPhone, an iPad, a Mac, or Windows device - well here's where you can do it.

How to download a video from Facebook?

Online, you can download a Facebook video to your computer while it is playing. Make sure you have the "SaveFrom.Net Helper!" extension installed on your browser.

While watching a video, you can save it by moving the mouse over it, and a green button will appear. Click on the arrow when you see it and wait for it to appear. This extension will search for available formats and quality options within two seconds.

You can use the same method when scrolling down the wall.

Download Facebook video online directly via the website.

You can download Facebook videos to a computer by using SaveFrom.Net's website. Simply follow these steps:

1. Copy the video URL

Copy the video URL from the browser's address bar to the clipboard or right-click on the video and select it from the context menu. Click "Copy the URL".

2. Paste the URL into the input field on SaveFrom.Net

After opening, return to the browser tab and paste the link there. When the Facebook video saving process runs automatically, press the search button if it doesn't.

3. Choose the desired quality and click on the download button

We offer a variety of quality and format options for our Facebook video downloader app. Select the preferred one from the drop-down list before clicking on the download button.

How to download Facebook videos on a PC

From the list below, choose the one that best suits your frequency of doing this. Choose the website route if it's a once-in-a-blue-moon event. You may benefit from a browser extension or an external application if you plan to download Facebook videos frequently. Here's how to download Facebook videos on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

How to download Facebook videos on a Windows laptop or Mac, using a website

Several websites claim to help you download videos from Facebook, and is a good option. To download Facebook videos, just follow these steps:

  • Right-click on the Facebook video you want to download and choose Copy video URL at current time

  • Head over to

  • Paste the link where it asks you to and click Download

  • On the next page, choose between normal (SD) or HD quality

  • Right-click the video and choose the option to save the video on your computer

How to download Facebook videos on Android or iPhone

It is possible to use an app on Android, but they all look as if they haven't been updated since Android Froyo or ask you to sideload them. We do not recommend sideloading since it could compromise the security of your device. We also don't like recommending apps that haven't been updated in years, so we recommend using the browser on your Android device.

If you're on an iOS device, you'll need to use a desktop app called Cydia Impactor that asks for your Apple credentials to generate a certificate for a third-party app or worse, jailbreak your device. Say no to both, as that could compromise the security of your device.

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How to download Facebook videos on iPhone or iPad

Just follow these steps to download Facebook videos on your iPhone or iPad:

  • Open the Facebook video you want to download in the Facebook app or the website

  • On the app, hit share and then tap Copy Link. On the website, copy the link in the URL bar

  • Open in a browser that supports downloading. Safari and Chrome don't, Firefox does

  • Paste the link where it asks you to and click Download

  • On the next page, tap and hold on the quality — normal or HD — you desire

  • Choose Download Link in Firefox, or the equivalent in your browser

  • Go to your browser's download section. On Firefox, it can be found via the hamburger icon on the bottom-right on iPhone (it's on the top-right on iPad). Once there, tap on the video. Choose ‘Save Video'

  • Go to the camera roll in Photos app, the video will appear there

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