How to Download Twitter Videos

Yes, you can download Twitter videos to your computer and phone. Here's how

The question was asked if it is possible to save a video from Twitter so that you can share the clip without having to send a Twitter link. The answer is yes.

Twitter has been flooded with videos the past two weeks, from protests in support of the Black Lives Matter movement to the far opposite end of the spectrum: cute dog videos and silly hijinks. A colleague asked me if it's possible to save these videos to the phone or laptop -- for historical references or to share with family and friends outside of the Twitter bubble.

How to Download Twitter Videos

How to save Twitter videos? With Twitter video downloader, you can download all kinds of media from the well-known platform.

Thanks to the Twitter image downloader, you can now quickly save all your favorite videos and pictures for free, so you can enjoy them wherever, whenever you want, even when there is no or unstable internet connection.

" Helper" is a browser extension that allows you to download Twitter videos

How to download Twitter video directly from the site? It's very simple! Add the helper extension to Chrome or other major browsers to get a free download.

A green "download" button will appear next to the video on Twitter with the extension. You can choose the preferred format from the dropdown menu by clicking on the grey color arrow. Your computer will save the video.

How to download Twitter video adding the “” or “” to the video url?

Here are the steps you need to take in order to save your media:

  • Go to the page of the video you want to save

  • Put the text "" or "" in front of the url, starting with Choose the preferred format to run the download by clicking on it.

  • You should wait until the download is complete and the media is successfully saved on your device.

1. Copy a media URL

Open the media in a new tab and copy its URL from the address bar. Using the context menu or the keyboard shortcut CTRL + C for Windows or CMD + C for Mac, select the entire link and copy it.

2. Paste URL into the input field

On the website, paste the link into the form at the top of the page and click the button to begin the process. It usually starts automatically.

3. Click on the download button

You will find a list of quality options after the links are ready. You can choose your favorite one and download it.

How to use Twitter video Downloader?

Using the Twitter downloader, you can save videos, gifs, and photos to any device for free. You can either install the extension and save the media directly from the Twitter page, or you can add the prefix "" or "" before the media URL in the URL address bar.

The Twitter media URL can also be pasted into the dedicated field on the Twitter download website. You can use our app to save the media to your Android mobile.

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How to download video from Twitter Online?

Download the video directly from Twitter using the helper extension

To run the download, visit and paste the video URL in the field provided

The video url address bar should include the prefix "" or "" before the video url.

Where is the video saved?

Video files are saved by default in the "Download" folder, where your browser saves any files you need to save to your device. If you cannot find the file, look in your browser's download history to see where it was saved.

Is there any restrictions I need to know?

Yes, this is true! If you want to download Twitter videos that are not yours, make sure the videos are not protected by copyright. You need the permission of the author, such as an email or a paper document that confirms their permission to save for personal use.

In case you are a journalist, you have the right to save copyrighted videos without permission if you use a tiny part of it in your research. The length of time you can use depends on the law of the country where the video is protected.

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